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Estate sales reinvented

We provide a unique estate sale experience by making sure all items are cleaned, merchandized and professionally staged in a design-shop like environment.

what do we do?

We research, price, stage, and advertise the entire contents of your home—culminating in a one, two or three day estate sale event.  We also leverage our extensive customer base, outreach, and marketing experience to maximize the profits of your sale.


Why hire memories renewed estates?

We are a family-owned, eager company who create a relaxed environment in which to handle the liquidation of your estate. We are able to maximize the profits brought in by your estate because we have the experience, know how and passion that’s needed to be successful.


Who prices the items?

Our owners have years of experience in collectibles, antiques, furniture sales, and vintage wares.  We price all items based on this wide range of knowledge, and if we don't know - we find out the value, and price accordingly!

How long do the estate sales last?

Typically, we conduct 2-Day or 3-Day Estate Sales within the client’s home. Some estate sales are one day sales and some estates require more. It really just depends on the inventory, the size of the lot, location of the home, etc.

Do we charge for the initial consult?

No, our initial consults are held via phone and are free of charge. After the call, we determine whether you are a good fit for our services and if so - we will schedule an in-person review of the property and items to assess the approximate value of the sale and the details of the event itself. 

This in-person consult is $150 and lasts 1 hour.

Do you provide trash removal services?

If there is excess trash within the home when we enter to conduct the sale, we will bring in an on-site dumpster and labor to remove existing trash. Any trash generated by the estate sale team will be removed by us.  Please note that trash removal outside the estate sale process will incur an additional charge.


Do you clean the home after the estate sale?

We remove all of our materials, signs, etc and leave the home as it was when we entered it— and because we are a full cycle estate sale management service, we also offer a full cleaning service post-sale.


How do we advertise?

We do extensive digital advertising for all of our sales, including email campaigns that reach over 10,000 buyers, designers and dealers. We also provide local fliers, abundant street signage, social media, and website advertising.


How long is the Estate Sale process?

Typical estate sale set up time is 1 week before sale and clean out is within 1 week after sale


How soon do I get paid?

We pay our clients within 10 business days, post estate sale, per our estate sale contract. All monetary transactions are digital, making the process more seamless and efficient.


What is your commission?

Our commission is based on each individual house and will vary between 35%-50% depending on the type and amount of inventory to be sold. Commission is taken out of the proceeds of the sale.


How many people can come into the home at one time?

We regulate the head count within the home at all times. We limit the number of attendees within the estate and this varies by estate sale.


Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured and bonded.


What do I do with the unsold items?

We have a very high sales rate, however some items will remain unsold at the end of the sale. Memories Renewed Estates is a full cycle estate sale management company, and we offer the option for cleanup and removal of unsold items as part of our service package.


Can I set the price on items?

We are happy to accommodate our clients however, we ask to limit the number of items with price restrictions (as this is our company’s area of expertise and combined knowledge). However, if there is a piece of specific significance or sentimental value we can honor a reserve price on that item.